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How to Build a Composter

date: April 2013
place: Palmanova
created by: La Cappella Underground Trieste, ARPA FVG – LaREA

Can wet waste be a resource? Why is it important to separate it from the rest of the rubbish? How can it be recycled in your own house? This video tutorial (created by Diego Cenetiempo from Cappella Underground) originates from three simple questions. Through an interview to Daniele Della Toffola from ARPA FVG LaREA, it tries to give practical instructions (materials to be used, location’s choice, management procedure) to all those who will build a composter in their own garden to recycle the organic waste into a precious topsoil to be used for plants and the vegetable garden and will limit in this way the environmental impact caused by transports and waste disposal.

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