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Cinema Festival about Environment

Recently the film production about environmental themes and the number of festivals about these issues have increased.
A list of the main cinematographic events upon which our research and updating activity is based follows:


It is the most important internatonal network for environmental cinematography. About fifteen among the world most important festivals join it.
Probably the most important Italian Festival which brings every year to our country the latest international news. In particular in the last years two events took place, Cinemambiente Tour during which film shows were organized in different Italian cities and Cinemambiente TV, a section dedicated to movies for schools. | Next edition 31st May-5th June 2013
This festival is dedicated not only to the environmental themes but represents one of the most important cinematographic events in the USA. Every year interesting news which are very often related to sustainability themes are presented ranging from films to documentaries. | Next edition 17th-27th January 2013
It is a film show supported by Legambiente which takes place during Festambiente Festival and is focused on documentaries and short stories. 
This is Berlino Cinema Festival, one of the most important european ones, which often proposes films and documentaries related to themes about sustainability. | 7th – 17th February 2013
It doesn’t belong to the category of festivals which are about environmental themes but proposes documentaries and films that may be interesting. | Next edition: November 2013