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About us


Mediatecambiente is a website that contains projects, experiments and concerns environmental education through audiovisuals.
This project was created by LaREA (Environmental Education Laboratory of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region – Italy) in collaboration with Mediateche FVG, a network made of four mediacenters which are located in the main cities of Friuli Venezia Giulia region (Pordenone, Trieste, Udine, Gorizia).
In 2005, the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development started to improve environmental education programs all around the world.
Unesco, the coordinator of the Decade, invited all environmental education centers to develop new forms of learning and awareness and made them occur outside classical education contexts like school and university. This is a life-long learning process which may be unintentional. For example people could learn through mass media, communication campaigns , advertising, literature, cinema, performing arts, recreational activities and so on.
Mass media play a fundamental role in informal learning. Our vision of reality depends on the images which are largely transmitted by mass media. The consideration of sustainable development issues and the way that we relate to them, could also depend on these images which are represented by media.
In this context, the Mediatecambiente project tries to understand the role played by audiovisuals.
Since 2007, LaREA and mediacenters’ network have created environmental education projects through audiovisuals for schools and the general public through different topics every year. At the same time a research about movies began with particular attention to the environmental messages and cinematographic quality.
Since the first year, audiovisual laboratories have been created through different clips from cinema to cartoons and musical videoclips to reflect upon environmental problems.
At the beginning, film shows were organized during the Unesco week which takes place every year in November about different themes. For example, a cartoon’s laboratory took kids in a magic journey to discover environmental themes through clips from classic Disney movies to latest modern cartoon animation. Another project was based on the story of objects in order to understand the environmental impact of things we use every day. Two other projects were constructed from clips of science-fiction cinema to discuss about metropolis and sustainable mobility in the future.
An audiovisual production activity started two years ago. In particular, workshops were created to produce audiovisual videos with school and university. An important video interview activity was started in different cities to understand what people think about waste management. Videos were made inside the most important waste management facilities and two documentaries are still in progress.
All projects, both the completed ones and those in progress, are described on the website. There are also special sections regarding audiovisual didactic for schools, a movies’ archive which contains all films selected in these years and an observation area devoted to innovative projects and cinema news.